Textbook Evaluation Tools

For Schools and School Districts

The FAIR Education Act Implementation Coalition has developed comprehensive rubrics parents and educators can use when reviewing instructional materials for adoption in their schools.  

These tools specify grade-level subject matter frameworks, questions the texts must answer to align with the framework, tables in which to record a textbook or program’s ratings, and additional material whose inclusion would indicate more thorough alignment with the History- Social Science Frameworks (California Education code § 60040).

  • History Textbook Alignment: Grades K-5 [PDF]
  • History Textbook Alignment: Grade 8 [PDF]
  • History Textbook Alignment: Grade 11 [PDF]

For Parents and Guardians

Family voices are an important part of the process each school district follows as they review and adopt instructional materials for their schools. This resource helps explain the process of textbook review, the content standards at the various grade levels, and ideas about what to look for in instructional materials.

  • Parent Guide to LGBT-inclusive curriculum review [PDF coming soon]