The Harvey Milk Story

“On a rainy day in January, on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall, Harvey Milk was sworn into office, the first openly gay elected city official in the United States of America. Harvey Milk had made history.”

Written by Kari Krakow and illustrated by David Gardner, this picture book depicts the life of the civil rights leader who was the first openly gay elected government official in the United States. His legacy is seen everywhere today in the hundreds of openly gay officials in all levels of government and in the many political and civil rights organizations bearing his name.

This is the only picture-book biography of an important gay rights figure, and Krakow honestly looks at Milk’s life in the broader context of discrimination and hope.

Written by Kari Krakow
Illustrated by David Gardner
Two Lives Publishing, 2002
ISBN 0-9674468-3-X
Jacketed hardcover
Full-color illustrations
32 pages, Ages 8 and up

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