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This set of lesson plans explore issues ranging from using the arts as activism to building coalitions for implementing change. Each lesson includes discussion starters, learning activities, and group actions.


These lesson plans have been put together by Live Out Loud, and a link to the original page is available here.

LESSON 1: LGBT Political Issues: Are Wedding Bells the Priority?

In May 2012, President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to announce his support for the legalization of same-­sex marriage. During this lesson, students will learn about and discuss the importance of various LGBTQ issues with a particular focus on same-­sex marriage.


LESSON 2: Our Stories, Our Strength: Bullying, Hate Crimes, and Overcoming Adversity

Students will learn about Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena, two young men who were murdered because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Shepard was targeted on the basis of his sexual orientation and Teena was targeted on the basis of his gender identity.


LESSON 3: Art as Activism

Students will learn about and experience the works of Audre Lorde and James Baldwin and discuss how and why someone might use their passions for activism.


LESSON 4: “Give Them Hope”: Creating Movements, Building Bridges

Students will learn about the life and accomplishments of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was an American politician who became the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the United States. Harvey Milk used a simple problem that affected the everyday lives of San Francisco’s residents to gain support from people outside of the LGBTQ community and work on larger issues.


LESSON 5: The Next Frontier: LGBT Space in the 21st Century

Students will learn about the Mattachine Society through viewing a scene from The Temperamentals, which is a 2009 play by Jon Marans. It chronicles the founding of the Mattachine Society, the first sustained LGBT rights organization in the United States, and the love affair of two of its founding members.


LESSON 6: Under the Radar: Identity Politics and “Passing”

Students will learn about Billy Tipton, an American jazz musician and bandleader. He was born Dorothy Lucille Tipton. After his death, Billy was discovered to be female assigned at birth. Students will discuss whether you can be both out and “in the closet” and debate whether it was okay for Billy Tipton’s family to “out” him as trans* after his death.


LESSON 7: Weaving Us into the Fabric: LGBT History and Visibility

Students will learn about Sylvia Rivera, an American transgender woman and LGBT activist who argued for the importance of LGBT visibility in American history. Rivera was also founding member of both the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance. Click here for more information.


LESSON 8: Brenda Howard: The Mother of Pride

Students will learn about the history of PRIDE in the U.S. and Brenda Howard, an American bisexual rights activist who originated the idea for a week­long series of events around PRIDE Day that are now held around the world every June.



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