Elementary School

A Picture Book of Helen Keller

Explore the story of Helen Keller and how she learned to communicate.
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Hate Crimes Legislation Cartoon

Hate Crimes Legislation

Teaching Tolerance provides lesson plans for upper elementary, middle school, and high schoolers foc
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Accessing Access Plan Image

Assessing Access

In this lesson plan students will analyze how individuals and groups in American society have strugg
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Bringing Sight to the Sightless

An elementary teacher shares lesson plans and activities she has used to talk with children about bl
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Picture of Alan Turing

The Invisibility of LGBT People in History

This lesson plan explores the way in which LGBT people, events, and issues have been made invisible
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FDR and His Disability: Was He Successful in Concealing it?

By viewing historic photos and political cartoons, students will examine the success of FDR's attemp
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YO Youth Disability History Resource Page

An incredible collection of lessons, activities, and videos focusing on Disability History.
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The Harvey Milk Story

This picture book depicts the life of the civil rights leader who was the first openly gay elected g
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