Welcome to the FAIR Education Act Website!

The goal for this website is to be a one-stop place to find lessons and resources to support teachers to make history and social studies a more fair, accurate, inclusive and respectful experience for all students.

Click on the grade level of the lesson that they’re looking for, and once you’ve tried a lesson, please leave us some feedback so other educators can benefit from your experience.

This website is a work in progress, and we’re always looking for more lessons to add, in addition to any feedback you may have.  Please e-mail [email protected]  or contact us here .

Plans for the near future include:

  • Additional lessons and resources as they become available, particularly those from the people with disabilities community.
  • Each grade level will be sortable to type of resource: books, videos, lessons, etc.
  • Increased accessibility of this website include font size and contrast.
  • An interactive map that highlights places of geographical importance to people with disabilities and LGBTQ people.


Approaches to Implementation

  • Directed Lessons

    Use lessons to teach about people or social movements. This may include reading books or watching videos.
  • Inclusion

    Add information into current history lessons including historical figures and movements that have been left out.
  • Activities

    Include one of several activities available here, including celebration days, games, and assemblies.


  • The FAIR education act brings more people into the textbook of who we are as Americans.
    Monique, Mother of a middle schooler, and former history teacher.